Firelight Torch Flask ( Pocket Flask ) – Cypress (Green)


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  • Delivering top-shelf drinking in a pocket-sized package, our 6oz (170ml) Torch™ Flask features an innovative, funnel-free design and an integrated magnetically attached 3oz (85ml) shot glass. Unlike other pocket flasks, you can even add ice. Fill it up by unscrewing the wide bottom-cap of the flask, then pour yourself a drink in our sake-glass-inspired shooter.
  • Pocket flasks haven’t evolved much prohibition… They’re made of cheap material, hard to fill up, impossible to clean and they make whiskey as warm as your pocket. All in all, for a product that is designed for drinking out of, they generally suck to drink out of.Torch™ Flask is double-wall insulated to temperature protect your spirits, it’s made of electropolished 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel to protect your whiskey for months-on-end, and it includes a magnetically attached 85ml. “sipping shot glass” to replicate your bar-top drinking experience wherever you choose to take it. Lastly, it features a removable bottom cap spanning the entire width of the flask for easy filling and cleaning. Fun fact, the removable bottom also allows you to add ice cubes to your flask, along with a chilled cocktail, providing you with a “pock-tail” wherever you choose to go. The tumbler itself is also double-wall insulated, so the entire flask itself is also suitable for hot beverages.
    • 6oz  (170ml) Magnetic Pocket Flask + 3oz (85ml) Sipping Shot Glass

      • Volume: Flask 6oz/180ml | Shot Glass 3oz/90ml

      • 100% 18/8 stainless steel

      • Double wall insulated, for hot and cold beverages

      • Removable bottom cap for funnel-free fill-up & easy cleaning

      • Electrogloss clean technology ensures pure flavor, simply rinse to clean

      • BPA & phthalate-free

      • No plastic

      • Shot Glass magnetically attaches to the Flask


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