DMM Ultra O Quicklock


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DMM Ultra O Quicklock

Oval for symmetry
Having an oval shape connector allows for central positioning of devices
Oval connectors are popular in situations where multiple connectors, slings, ropes or even pulleys can be connected.
The round basket shape allows any of the connection points to self-centre when weighted – this helps avoid the unnerving click that often happens with a more D-shaped connector.
The symmetrical basket mean rotation within systems is not required as they sit comfortably either way round.

Keylock clean nose for snag free connection
DMM’s ‘Taperlock’ closing mechanism increases how far the gate pushes in and cross gate strength using a special flared profile on the nose of the carabiner.
It also allows a snag free connection for your ropes, slings and devices.

Captive bar option for security
Many of our connectors can be supplied cross-drilled to accommodate captive bars.
This means that the lanyard or attachment cannot be removed and ensures that the direction of force applied in the event of a fall is along the major axis of the connector.
The captive bars themselves are not for load bearing use.

Lock Type – QuickLock –  Auto-locking gate requiring two distinct actions to open.



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