Cassia javanica ( PinkShower ) – Tube Stock


Medium to large-sized tree, able to grow up to about 10 – 20 m tall.
It is widely grown as an ornamental in gardens

* Butterfly Food Plant
* A fast-growing species

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A plant of the lowland tropics and subtropics where it can be found at elevations up to 400 metres.
It grows best in areas where the mean annual temperatures are within the range 19 – 25°c, and the mean annual rainfall is in the range 650 – 2,400mm.

Requires a sunny position.
Established plants are drought tolerant.
The plant is not resistant to fire

Flowers : Pink to whitish-pink flowers in a raceme inflorescence, yellow stamens about 10 and surrounded with green anthers.
Fruits : Fruit is a cylindrical seed pod measuring about 30 – 70 cm long, turns to black when ripen.


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