Book: Knots at work


Learn all about arborist knots with Jeff Jepson’s most recent publication, covering information on both knot construction (tying the knots) and application (using the knots). This book offers more than 200 illustrations and utilizes a handy cross-reference format, this compact book measures 4.5″ x 8″ and is ideal for field use. Softcover. 184 Pages.

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Book: Knots at work

Book: Knots at Work by Jeff Jepson. This is Jepson’s most recent publication and best seller – a perfect field guide for the modern arborist!

“No one ties knots more frequently and of such variety than those who work in the tree care profession.”

“In a profession as potentially dangerous as this, only knots that are correctly tied and aptly applied every time will do. Anything less is likely to lead to a short career.

Learn all about arborist knots with this book, it covers information on both knot construction and application.  You can quickly grasp information from lavishly illustrated pages and easy-to-read text. The unique cross-reference format makes it easy to navigate through the book, and it’s the perfect size to use out in the field where it is needed the most.


  • 184-page field guide
  • more than 50 different knots presented
  • both aspects of knot knowledge are given equal time—knot construction (tying the knots) and knot application (using the knots).

About the Author: Jeff Jepson is a certified arborist and he has owned Beaver Tree Service in Longville, Minnesota, since 1989. He has written two important books for the tree care profession.  These include the best seller: The Tree Climber’s Companion and To Fell a Tree. Knots at Work is his third book.

About the Illustrator: Bryan Kotwica has been illustrating books, magazines, and catalogs for the tree care industry for over 25 years. He has also been a professional tree worker and certified arborist for just as long!


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