Silky Takeruboy 240mm folding double sided saw (Carpentry saw)


An exceptionally designed double-sided 240mm long woodworking saw offering the ‘butterfly’ handle. The handle divides in two and folds up to protect the teeth, while remaining compact for storage.
Takeru-Boy produces an extremely clean finish, making it ideal for precisely fitting cuts and joint surfaces that are to be glued.  A traditional saw in the twenty-first century!

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The Takeruboy is an exceptional double-sided carpentry saw. The blade is chrome-plated, taper-ground and has a protective coating. The teeth are non-set and in the Mirai-Me style which gives an incredibly smooth cut. The teeth are also impulse-hardened so they will remain sharp for a very long time. If you are a woodworking craftsmen you will appreciate the exceptional design, strength, balance and superior finish of this saw.

SKU 415-24
Blade length:- 240 mm or 9.5 inches
Teeth per 30 mm/in:- 18+10/15.2+8.5
Weight:- 275 g

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