Bamboo Saws


Silky Saws in Japan craft a number of different saws that are perfect for cutting bamboo. Your selection is based on the diameter of the bamboo and whether you are fast cutting for harvest or fine cutting for presentation.

Hint: If you are having difficulty getting that perfect cut on your bamboo display, wrap some gaffer or packaging tape around your bamboo to doubly ensure that your bamboo doesn’t fray or split.

Please note:- Each saw needs to be bought separately.

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Bamboo growers use the fine and extra fine tooth saws for finishing work or bamboo with a diameter less than 40mm.

For larger diameter bamboo and harvesting quickly a larger tooth size is generally used. Using too big a tooth on smaller diameter bamboo causes it to fray, splinter and split.

Silky Bamboo Saws are designed to cut really smoothly and give a professional finish to your bamboo construction or display.


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