Acacia flavescens ( Yellow Wattle / Red Wattle ) – Tube stock


This wattle is widespread in eastern Queensland, mainly in coastal areas, from Cape York to Brisbane
At altitudes between sea level and 1000 m.
Although it is mostly found on the coastal plain.
It grows in sand, and in eucalyptus forest and woodland.

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This bushy wattle tree, which has an upright habit, can grow between 4 m and 20 m high, depending on the soil and the location.
Its bark is rough and longitudinally furrowed, and is often rather shaggy.

The branchlets are angular with a covering of moderately dense golden hairs, hence the ‘yellow’ of the common name.
The phyllodes are often reddish towards the apex, hence the ‘red’ of the other common name.

The flowering period varies, but the flowers are most prominent between December and July.
The flowers are pale yellow in heads.
These heads are globular, about half a centimetre in diameter, 30 – 60 or so flowers per head.


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